Tuesday, January 09, 2007


One of the things I have noticed living in Cameroon is the lack of seasons with regard to some animals. Mostly that there are always little chicks about. Chickens have babies all year round - it is quite bizarre to see little chicks and it not be Easter!

However humans do appear to have breading patterns. Well not really but yesterday two people had babies.

Sylvester's wife gave birth to their second daughter and child, coincidentally on their first daughter's birthday. So their new baby is called First Lady. According to Sylvester this is her whole name, First Lady Mayah. Their first child is called Ansy (mother is Ann = An, father is Sylvester = sy) Princess Mayah (she also has a complicated African name but I cannot remember it or spell it), so he needed to give the second girl a good name too. We will go and visit her at the weekend then I will add a photo (and any new names she has).
Constance, Marceline's eldest sister gave birth to her third child and first son. Marceline and I went to visit him and Constance in the general hospital. His name is Brilliant.

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And Brilliant sounds very British!