Monday, January 08, 2007

A sporting weekend

This weekend was full of sport. On Saturday we went to a local football final. Some rich guy from Buea who now lives in the States organises this competition between all the teams in Buea. The final was Great Soppo, Sweet seventeen vs Small Soppo, Long street. It was a free event and a stands were pretty full. Many of the guys on the organising committee are members of Joe's footie club. So when we arrived we got ushered off away from Didimus and Sylvester and sat in the executive stand. Do not get any grand ideas in your head! We sat with Helms and Antonia as Helms is on the exec. of the Long Street team. All it meant was we sat on plastic chairs instead of standing and got served sparkling wine and cheesy puffs at half time!

It was a pretty good game. Long street go the first goal then Sweet Sixteen came back with one soon after. Later scoring a penalty giving the final score of Sweet Sixteen 2 - 1 Long Street. At the end of the match the trophies were given out and various gifts of appreciation given to the guy who out the money in to the tournament.

Then on Sunday afternoon we went to watch traditional wrestling. Men (and boys) from various villages wrestle each other. Each match is made up of 3 rounds, each round lasts 2 minutes. The aim of the game is to get your opponent on his back. Most ended in the draw (no winner by the end of 3 rounds). However some guys were pretty good and got the other guy on his back pretty quick. There were a few guys who Sylvester kept telling us were 'the best' and they were pretty good. Picking the other guy up and landing him on his back was an impressive move!

PS we are going to Yaounde tomorrow to see a man about our visas.

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Ann said...

Hope your visa-trip goes well!