Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Last night we were invited to a party and BBQ to celebrate JK becoming a barrister. JK is a friend of Joe's from the football club, during the day he had the signing in and this was the party for friends and family in the evening.

When we arrived we were ushered over to some comfy seats for special guests. Its amazing how we get treated as royalty!! The opening speeches were short and sweet and it was straight into the food. We were wondering what to expect from an African BBQ, especially as most have never heard of the word. We has BBQ pork and goat, other that quite a lot of fat it was lovely, this was followed by pepper soup - which was HOT and featured cow intestines.

We made a new friend also last night - Bill. He is American working with the Peace Corp here in Buea teaching computer skills. We had a great long chat, exchanged notes and hope to meet up with him again soon.

So great fun was had by all and JK enjoyed embarrassing Joe at the end by asking him for some closing remarks!

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