Monday, January 15, 2007

Six months!!

I know I say this every month but Six Months!! that's like half a year, that's amazing. We are not over half way and moving in to the busiest period of our time here.

This moment has mostly been taken up with Christmas (but not as much as it would have been at home), new year and visa issues! Genesis has been really busy for most of this month teaching as our current teacher is in hospital in his home town and being a student on the web design course.

Joe has almost finished teaching his second batch of web design students. Feels like this course has been going for ages as it stopped for a week over Christmas and was delayed while we went to Yaounde. He will now spend some time writing an advanced course as everybody is keen to learn more.

I start my long awaiting HIV educator program this afternoon, a few people have registered already but I hope more will turn up later.

Due to Genesis being so busy he has not been able to submit the paperwork for the health centre as there is one more form he has to get signed together with the landlord of the buildings, getting the two together is impossible! So I am hoping this will be done once the web design course is finished and it will be sorted while Joe's parents visit. Oh and the old tenants are still living there grrrrrr.

The weather is HOT now, we had a few days of random rain at the end of December but otherwise it is sun sun sun, which leads to so much dust. Going on a journey is a nightmare, we get covered in, eat and breath red dust from the roads. But no I am not a golden brown as there is no time for sunbathing.

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Ann said...

Heather, I love the "dancing photographs" in the sidebar!