Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It is OK for them to suffer

Today we have some missionaries arriving, in my opinion the last thing Cameroon needs is missionaries. Especially round here everybody is Christian and if not it is not through lack of knowledge. Anyway we have this couple coming to stay with us from Mauritius or France, not sure get a different answer each time we ask.

After Joe's parents left we took the softer thicker mattress off the spare bed as ours is now totally flat and we can feel all the slats of the bed. Mattresses are big squares of foam so flatten pretty quickly. When we learnt these people were coming and would be in the spare room we said to Marceline that we had better change them back again. she said not to worry they are only here 2 months, will not be here every night and are missionaries so it is OK for them to suffer a bit!

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