Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This is the before

The old tenants finally moved out out the buildings we propose to use for the health centre and we took the keys on the 1st February. Well we thought they had moved out, while inspecting the buildings we found someone still there. Genesis and I went to visit yesterday with a carpenter to look at the work that needs doing. There is a lot to be done. The rooms are in a complete state. Fortunately it rained yesterday (just a one off I hope as it is the middle of the dry season) so we can see any leaks that may appear. So the carpenter is writing his estimate for us and them work shall begin. By the end of the month the first half of the building should be ready to use. We have still to submit the paperwork to the government as we needed a building plan even though we have rented buildings - to show a long term aim. We hope to get this in within the next couple of weeks. However we will open as an advice centre as soon as the building is ready. I hope by next month I can show you some lovely after photos........


Waiting area

Office/treatment room

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dad said...

The place looks like it will need more than a lick of paint. Looking forward to seeing the 'after' photos.