Monday, February 19, 2007

All American

On Saturday Bill our American friend invited us to the beach for the day. He was having a gathering with his fellow volunteers and we came as British delegates. We went to small village beach 8 miles from Limbe, the beach was pretty empty apart from us and the waves were great. We played in the sea then took a small fisherman's path up to a local bar, here we met some teachers from a local school and shared a couple of drinks of palm wine. We met one other of Bill's friends who has been here a little over 18 months now. This guy can speak fluent pidgin and his local dialect. It is just amazing to hear him chatting away to the locals, I envy his ability to pick up the language not many whites are able to converse like him. He even talks like an African when speaking English and only when it was all Americans and us did I hear an American accent, he never sounded Texan though - his home state.

We then went back for more time in the sea, and reading in the sun. I am determined to have a bit of a tan by the time I return. It is often pretty cloudy here in Buea and there is not much time for basking - as they say here. A nice relaxing day it just what I needed after hard work at the health centre which will continue this week. I hope this will become a regular routine on a Saturday as it is only a few thousand francs for a relaxing day by the sea.

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