Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where is my own?

There are a few sayings that people here in Cameroon say that
I must remember not to use in England. For example when asking for something in a shop or ordering a drink etc. it is usual to say 'give me so and so'. I think if I go out for a meal in England and say 'give me four cheese pizza' the waiter may be a little put out!

Another thing they say is 'where is my own', this is used if you are with someone buying something or giving something to someone else then this other person wants one. Most the time they do not really expect you to give them one but you sit there trying to find an excuse as to why you do not have one for them.

Now that we are leaving next week everyone wants a bit of us. Almost everyday I get 'what will you leave me?' or 'give me your phone when you leave'. I have about 4 people after one phone. I think I will give it to the one person I know needs a phone but has not asked - our dear friend Didimus. Then my UK phone I will sell to the prison guard and I will be off to the vodaphone shop as soon as I get home to get a new one for myself. People also ask for my clothes or bag or shoes. The best I had was 'give me your camera when you leave, I really need one, I am sure they are cheap you can get a new one as soon as you get back'. I explained I only bought my phone last year and it was mighty expensive and yes I need it so no you cannot have it. It is times like these when I am so happy to be coming home. I will happily donate money to people, let the shop keeper keep the change but I do not like constantly being asked for particular things.


alison said...

well at least your suitcase will be nice and light

Ann said...

The "Give me..." phrase is probably more American than British. It wouldn't be unusual at all for us to use it, example: "Let's see, give me two cheese enchiladas & a taco." It's not really considered a command, unless spoken in a demanding tone of voice.