Thursday, May 24, 2007

The last two weeks

Well here we are with two weeks left. I have mixed feelings. I am really looking forward to going home and having all those home comforts, living in our own place and seeing all my friends and family. However I am really sad to leave. When we left the UK it was exciting, we did not know where we were coming and what to expect. We knew we would see our friends and family again so goodbyes were not too hard. Now there is little anticipation and excitement, we know what to expect in England. Saying goodbye is hard, we know we may never see most these people again. These people that have been our friends and family for a year, Naomi who we have watched grow and develop since birth. Once we say goodbye that will be it. We would like to come back but do not know if it will be possible. I am sure they would love to visit England but that is not easy.

So our final two weeks will be a mixture of emotions, excitement about eating cheese again and the sadness of goodbyes. Helen should be arriving on Tuesday so I will be busy handing over to her for a week or so. Joe will soon finish teaching then he has some loose ends of the website. He then needs to train Elvis so he can continue with the teaching after we are gone.

We will miss so much about Cameroon, the experience has had its ups and downs but has been well worth it. We are very grateful to all those who have supported us financially, with emails and comments. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Sophie said...

Gosh, a year goes so quickly. Look forward to seeing you both back in sunny Kidlington!

alison said...

it's been exciting following your adventures achievements and lovely photos. It's even given me the inspiration to try my hand at photoshop and flickr.

Hev said...

Alison, you will have to tell you the address of your flickr page so I can see you and your photos!