Thursday, August 30, 2007

OUCS save the day again

Again we owe many thinks to Joe's colleagues at OUCS. This time it was not my fault! On Sunday our beloved computer would not turn on - grr. I was annoyed as I needed to check something on the internet. Joe had a look at it and still it would not work.

Then we realised if the computer was dead we have lost everything - we backed it up before going to Cameroon but had not yet gotten round to it since our return. that would mean we would have lost all our photos of Cameroon, all the work did there, it was a very depressing thought.

So Joe took the computer to work this week and the wonderful staff not only saved all our data but also restored and updates the machine - yippee!!

We then went to back up the machine and our external hard drive would not turn on - why do all these bad things happen to us! So thankfully it is under warranty and Joe has to get it sent back.

We will now remember to back up all the time!

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Alison said...

Hi Heather, thanks for the reminder. I hadn't backed up to my external hard disk for a few months. Keep meaning to do it. But after reading your blog I did it straight away. You're full of good ideas!