Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Lost photos

I have mentioned before that whilst in Cameroon I stupidly deleted all my photos of our send off parties from my camera without putting them on to the computer - doh! Well Joe told me to fear not they will just be marked for deleted and as long I did not over write them they can be salvaged. So i started to use my other memory card and left that one well alone. Once Joe started back at work he set a couple of of very nice computer people to work and they saved them. yipiee, the videos and a few photos were lost but most are there - my husband is great. So you can view the album on Picasa.
From Send forth

Thanks Joe and the great staff at OUCS


Mum said...

Just viewed your photos. They look good.

Bill Zimmerman said...

Hey Hev, glad you got your photos restored! I remember how disappointed you (and the rest of us, frankly) were when you announced that they'd been deleted by mistake. I just downloaded the lot of 'em. Thanks. Take care, Bill.