Saturday, July 21, 2007

mmmm Starters mmmmmm Deserts

It has to be said that the two best bits of a meal are the starters and deserts. So when Mum told me about this pub in Suffolk that has a starters and puddings evening we were desperate to go. They run the evening in The Lion Inn about once every few months so she got the dates for us and we planed a trip to Suffolk to see the parents and have a feast. We have been planning this for ages as they first told us about the pub before we went to Cameroon!

The evening did not disappoint. you get four courses, ordering each one one at a time. You can choose how many starters and how many deserts you have. Paul, a family friend went for one starter and three deserts where Joe and I went three starters and one desert. The food was delicious and there was a great choice, which made it difficult to narrow it down to four in total.

It was a great way to spread an evening as the staff did not rush you from course to course. So I have brie squares, then butterfly king prawns and breaded mushrooms (shared half and half with Joe) then chicken tika rolls. Then for my desert toffee lumpy bumpy. What a wonderful evening.

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Ann said...

Oh, to be in Suffolk.