Sunday, July 15, 2007

five course cheese meal!

From 5 Course Chee...

Thursday was my birthday so to celebrate I cooked a five course cheese meal. You may think this is a little odd but if you remember back to some of the posts I wrote whilst in Cameroon, cheese was one of the biggest things I missed. I have been planning and fantasising about this meal for months - no really I have!!

So it went like this

To nibble - (whilst opening presents) Baked Camembert with french bread
To start - Feta with asparagus, parma ham and salad
For main - Salmon with almonds and Gruyere with rice
For desert - what else buy cheese cake
And of course to end cheese and biscuits.

It was wonderful I spend the morning getting the stuff together, lazy lunch in town with Emily then cooked in the evening. I only felt too cheesed out by the cheese and biscuits. It was my first attempt at cheese cake and as I forgot to add the lemon juice (oops) it did not quite set!! But tasted yummy!!

There are photos to come but we do not have the computer set up at home yet so watch this space.

PS My husband is so fantastic that he recovered my deleted photos from Cameroon of our send off parties so they will soon be on Picasa.


Ann said...

Happy birthday, Heather! Some day I will get all the Astbury birthdays straight. Your dinner sounds wonderful. Glad you're home safe & sound and are able to enjoy cheese again.

mum and dad said...

We tasted the cheesecake and it was lovely.

Ann said...

Shame on you, for making me covet that cheesecake!

alison said...

happy birthday Heather. I was beginning to think you'd turned into a nun and gone on the run