Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

For the first time in my working life I work Monday to Friday. This has its pros on cons but one big plus point is having lots of fun weekends. This weekend was just beautiful. Devi and Chris, some good friends of ours came to visit. Saturday morning we went to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford which was great, my highlights being the mummy in the Egyptian section and the huge chocolate cake in the cafe.

We then went on a little boating adventure. Took the car up to the predicted terminus of the trip (The Jollyboat man pub) and wandered down the canal to catch our boat. Stuart and Sarah had hired a narrow boat for the weekend and invited us to join them. We me them at on of the locks not far from where we live. We waited quite a while for them to arrive and had great fun watching people travel through the locks. From 35 year experts to stag and hen parties bashing all the banks.
From Boating trip

Not long after we joined the boat we met some kids fretting about a lost dog. We soon caught up with the little cocker spaniel swimming away in the middle of the canal. We tried to entice it on to the boat but he swam right past. Nik and Joe both jumped on to the bank to go and help. They came back a little while later with a very wet Nik. The dog just kept swimming with no hope of getting to the bank so Nik had no choice but to wade in and get it. Unfortunately he was on his phone at the time - on hold, trying to get some help. So he now has a wet possible dead phone all in the name of being a local hero. The dog was delivered back to its owners and we carried on out merry way to the pub.
From Boating trip


dad said...

Why the monochrome? Are you trying to be all arty?

Hev said...

No just playing with my new camera and it happened to be the best picture!

Clare said...

who wades into a canal while on the phone?