Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun fun fun

On Friday we went to Tom and Aideen's wedding. Tom is one of my best friends from uni who I shared a house with for the whole four years. Tom is also Joe's cousin and we met through him. tom was the best man at our wedding and we love him lots.

So attending his wedding was fab. All my old Uni friends were there (apart from the lovely Laura who is living in Dubai) and all of Joe's lovely family were there.
From Tom and Aid's wedding

Even though it poured with rain pretty much from the moment we arrived it was still a beautiful day. It was quite bizzare having to share my time between some of my closest friends amd my in-laws. I was having great fun but remembering I had to be on my best behaviour at the same time!!! No smooching on the dance floor, what would my Mother-in-law think!
From Tom and Aid's wedding

Aideen looked beautiful and it was a wonderful day. So congratulations to Tom and Aid and thank you for a great day.
From Tom and Aid's wedding

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mum and dad said...

Glad you had a good time.