Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just keep running

Recently I have taken up running. Do not know what really got me started, wanting to get fit and prove to myself I can do it I guess. Started out running/ walking about 3 miles and have steadily been improving. Quite quickly got up to the 10K (6 Miles) mark and was pretty proud of myself.

Last weekend I entered my first race, the Eynsham 10k, I was very chuffed to have finished it in 1h01m56s. Bit gutted to have been so close to the hour, be we can't have everything. I was also quite excited to be in the same race as Thom Yorke, even if he did beat me. Running in a race was fun and much easier than training.

So coming on leaps and bounds in the first few months has spurred me on for greater things. I have never thought I was that fussed about turning thirty and had one aim in life, to have a baby before I'm thirty. Well with going to Cameroon one thing and another that has not panned out so I needed something else to do before thirty (not a whole crazy list , like some people) which turns out to be a marathon.

So we (Joe and I) are booked in to the Brighton half marathon in February and the Paris marathon in April. After this I think I will just be doing 10k's but you never know I might get the marathon bug!!

We will be doing the Paris marathon for the British Heart Foundation, who better for me to support. I am sure fund-raising will commence soon, watch this space. For now I just keep going out 2 or 3 times a week for a nice run with Nik, my personal trainer/ motivator/ running buddy/ crazy friend who does triathlons and will never talk me in to doing one. Up to 13k so almost there for the half marathon - long way to go to prepare for Paris - eek!

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Mark said...

Nice one Heather!
Good luck with the training, how come you didn't mention that one on Saturday!
I tried for a place on the London Marathon next year, but didn't get through the ballot. Not a bad thing really, wouldn't do myself justice at the moment. Will try again next year.
Anyway, good on you, and I can't believe you've got Joe doing it as well.