Monday, December 25, 2006

Do they know it's Christmas time at all

In a desperate measure to make myself feel Christmassy I have been playing Band Aid 20, Do they know it's Christmas time. You see in this part of Africa they do know it is Christmas however it appears Christmas has lost even more meaning than it has in the UK. Genesis and Marceline have decided to not celebrate Christmas due to the pagan origins and think it is not how God intended it to be, we should celebrate the birth of Christ everyday. So yesterday this was the morning sermon at church leaving me feeling very depressed about Christmas. We then went off the Figaro for a couple of Christmas beers and I decided to go to any evening service elsewhere to get some of that Christmas feeling. I went to the Full Gospel Mission for what they said would be a short service, it lasted 3 hours I dread to think what a long service is. the service is mostly in French and English, apart from the drama which was in pidgin so I had a little difficulty following it. The pastor also said he was not going to preach then preached for over an hour. I was exhausted by the end but feeling very joyful about Christmas.

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mum said...

Glad you had some joy at Christmas.