Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where is home?

After catching up on all the events of the last couple of weeks I feel I have nothing to blog about this week. We are back to our daily routine. Joe had planned to teach this week but due to lack of advertising (not our fault) had no students. So it is postponed to next week. Genesis has been sick with quite severe Malaria, spent a couple of days in hospital and we are now encouraging him to rest. So that has meant he has not been about to help us with stuff. So its been pretty quite since the parents left.

I do own a house, its just on the outskits of Oxford and has three Polish girls living in it. So I can not really call that my home. We have the house that we live in here. However I feel no ownership to that house. We just live there. We are not I got thinking one day about where I now call home. I own a home, its on the outskirtsin charge of the household - that's Genesis and Marceline. We have our own room which this weekend we finally got looking pretty smart. We had a lot of clearing away to do from all the treats we got from Mum and Dad. So we bought some nice wicker shelves and finally got stuff a little more sorted. We still have one suitcase full of stuff as we do not have storage for it. However we keep the food stuffs in that case to stop the mice sneaking in to our room and having a nibble.

We often talk about 'when we go home......'. It is hard not too. It's not that we really miss home as we don't (well speaking for myself here - I don't). Its just nice to talk about all the things we want to do and the people we will see when we get back.

I still often refer to Suffolk home even though I moved to Oxford nine years ago. I think Suffolk stopped being home once I was married and owned a house. However I would still say I was going home for the weekend.

I try to refer to our house here at 'home' but it does not seem right. A year is a long time. When I was a student I always referred to my rented house on a year long let as my 'home'. However this year long house does not feel quite like 'home'. We always say we will return to 'the house'. However that is also the term house here rather than home that everybody else uses. It must be an African thing.

So I count myself to be very lucky, I have three homes. Suffolk, Oxford and Cameroon.I know I will always be welcome at any of them (well the Polish girls may not appreciate it right now!). Am I lucky or just a lost wondering soul?


The World Tour 2007 said...

Hev I think your thinking too hard.

Here's a soppy thought for you - a house is just bricks and mortar, but your home will always be whereever you and Joe are together.

I'm a very stressed girl right now xx

Hev said...

And you say I am thinking too hard! It's a nice thought though - thanks.

Think relaxing thoughts of lush beaches in various locations of the world!

Mum said...

glad to hear that you still think of Suffolk as home sometimes, And the
door is always open ofcourse.


Ann said...

Home is an idea more than it is a place. It's a feeling of belonging.

And I still think of Suffolk as a home, too, sometimes!