Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have the power

Genesis and I are currently collecting all the documents we need to open the health unit. Most of these documents Genesis has to organise, I am in charge of the certification to prove I have some sort of medical qualification. Well I brought copies of my nursing certificates with me so it would be no problem. Of course I have to get them stamped and certified to prove they are originals. Hmmm this may be tricky as the originals are in Suffolk. Well I thought I would go and see the friendly DO (divisional officer) too see if I could get him to sign them.

As I sat in the office waiting for my turn he turned a few people down who did not have their original documents with them. My turn came I presented the documents explaining what they were. He ummmed and arrred about it, telling me "I should have the originals, where I the originals". "In England" I explained, "well how did you get copies" he asked, "I did them before I came". However he decided as it was me and he knows me he would sign them!! So that's one more thing ticked off in the crazy amount of paperwork we need to open a health unit.


Margaret said...

You are totally amazing. Or am I biased


Ann said...

Well done, Heather!