Monday, December 04, 2006

Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon

As it was our first day back at work of a couple of weeks off. We thought we had better take it easy. So had a 2 hour break this morning. Well actually we had some electrical fault in the office and had to turn the power off while it was fixed. Not too sure what was going on but something was getting really hot and melting. As there was no power we went off to sort a few things out.

At home Marceline was outside clearing the wall ready to paint it. As she was chopping down the plants she saw a Chameleon so called us over. It was amazing to see, just the same colour as the leaves even with white spots as the leaves were splatted with white paint. It was so tempting to try to move it on the ground to see it change colour but we decided that was a little cruel. So we just watched it move though the undergrowth curling it tail and took loads of photos.


Ann said...

That's an amazing-looking chameleon! It looks different from what we call "chameleon" here. But, then, we're probably calling our "chameleons" by the wrong name!

I've never understood how that whole changing-color process works.

Glad M & M had such a good holiday with you. Did you carry a thermos/flask of tea with you everywhere??

Margaret said...

Sorry we missed it despite my dislike of reptiles.

Hev said...

I wonder what your chameleons look like Ann, I only knew of this type.

Mum and Dad coped very well with just one cup of tea a day. I think even they found it too hot to be taking tea out with us!

Ann said...

Aha! I think I figured it out. Here is the link:
Look under the heading "other species." It mentions anoles which are sometimes referred to (incorrectly) as American chameleons. We have a lot of them, as do most southern locations in the U.S.. And if you click on the word anoles, it links you to all sorts of info about them.

I can't speak for other Americans, but this is what I was confusing with chameleons!

Hev said...

Thanks for that Ann - its true we do learn a new thing everyday!