Sunday, April 22, 2007

Evangelism gone wrong

The area of Cameroon we live in is very Christian and people are very open about it. They will ask you to your face 'are you a believer?' Then go about converting you if you say no. Taxis drive about with slogans like 'Jesus Saves' and 'Trust in the Lord' etc. painted on the bumper. However the one type of evangelism I really cannot tolerate is the middle of the night mic'ed up singing and services. I tell you this would drive people away, far away from the church - not bring them in.

Whilst in the North we were woken up about 4am every night by the Muslims call to prayer. This however only lasted 15 minutes or so and we soon went back to sleep afterwards. The local churches and their singing at times goes on all night here. They either start about 11pm and finish about 2am or start an early service sometime before 6am. It drives me mad the distant constant singing or droning of a preacher. They preach for hours - I do not know how they come up with so much stuff to say, I do look forward to the 30 minute sermons by Graham (Kidlington) and Mark (Woodbridge) when we go home! They will be short, to the point (and will have a point, which sometimes here I fail to see) and most importantly not be in the middle of the night audible in my bedroom whilst I am trying to sleep.

Thankfully Genesis does not hold all night services, rallies or crusades at the church I attend here so I feel free to moan about them. Grrrrr to that noisy church down the road, it would help if that sang in tune at least.

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Anonymous said...

Correct, many of us give up these alien religions such as christianity and islam after we have been in the west for a few years. we become agnostics, atheists, buddhists and ifa devotees.