Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Once Upon A Time in Mexico

For a while we have been saving a DVD that Joe's parents brought out for us when they visited. We planned to buy some tomatoes, onion and chillies from the market and make salsa to go with our tortilla chips so we could have a Mexican evening while watching Once upon a time in Mexico. A few days before we planned to do this, Bill mentioned to us how he had some taco spice and found a great recipe for making tortillas. So we decided to celebrate Easter we would create a Mexican feast. I was in charge of the guacamole, which is not hard to make when the avocado here tastes sooo good. Joe made a lovely hot salsa, Bill made tortillas and the beef filling was a joint effort, made delicious but the lovely beef we had bought from the market. It took us a while to convince the man at the market we did not want any bone with out beef thank you very much. Marceline said everytime she buys beef for us at the market she has to explain she does not want bone as she has white men living with her!

So we cooked up a great feast added some lime into our '33' export beer to give it that sol feeling. Cheese is a problem round here, we managed to get some grated ementall, which added a strange but tasty flavour. However all in all we had some delicious fajitas, sour cream would have been nice, but we cannot have everything.

Once out feast was cooked we plugged the data projector in to Bill's laptop and watched Once upon a time in Mexico, cinema style - although the plug in computer speakers did not quite do the audio justice. The film it has to be said was not as good as the food, not much of a story line and the fake blood looked rubbish!!

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