Sunday, April 15, 2007

It is all downhill from here

So we have been here nine months now, we have just under two months left to go. We are really starting to feel the accelerator as we race down hill to the finish. In many ways we are looking forward to going home but we often wish we could stay here for a bit longer.

The last month has been pretty busy, it started with a trip to the North of the country which was really interesting and well worth the nightmare journey. I then had some painting left to finish off at the health centre and we opened on the 2nd April following a dedication service a week before. Things have been pretty slow since opening, but that is not surprising as it takes a while to get established. I have had three patients so far and a few other visiting and getting HIV information. We have now posted posters all round the town and the sign board will be up next week so that should get things moving. I have had another well attended HIV educators' seminar and in the follow-up session for the previous group it was decided to form a team of community educators so we met last week to begin plans.

Joe has been busy with his 4th group of web design students and starts his new Photoshop course this week. He has also been catching out scammers using and abusing the Internet in our Internet cafe. People feel they have no work and no chance of getting work, a friend will tell them about these scam opportunities and they feel they are left with little option. Little do they know Handy Cafe (our time server) has a big brother mode so we can view their every move and strike while the iron is hot. You have too feel sorry for these guys, they are pretty ashamed at what they are doing but need to get money from somewhere.

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