Friday, April 27, 2007

Is it coz I is white?

I have formed a new group under HINT called HINT - HED we are the Helps International HIV educators. Our first event is planned for May 1st, which is Labour day. Various organisations, and businesses march and advertise their services etc. We plan to go and do HIV sensitisation, hence the red ribbons. So I went to the labour office to register, I was under the impression it would be free so wondered up to the office with only a taxi fare on me. I arrived and the man had to phone the boss in Limbe, he spoke French but I heard him say I was European. He came off the phone and told me it was 15 000 francs, As I did not have the money I left. the rest of the group was outraged at this price so we decided to send a Cameroonian down to Limbe to pay. Quenter went and she was asked to pay 10 000 francs but she pleaded since we are a charity could we pay 5 000 francs, so the woman in the labour office phoned her boss. I am told the conversation went a little like this.

Labour office - where are you from?
Quenter - Buea
Labour office - Did you go to the Buea office yesterday?
Quenter - No
Labour office - Are you sure?
Quenter - yes quite sure
Boss on the phone - Is she white?
Labour office - No black.
Guy on phone - Are they in the same group as the white?
Quenter - No (telling anti corruption lies)
Labour office - OK you can pay 5 000, do you have a t-shirt for me?
Quenter - No they are in production
Labour office - OK bring me one on Tuesday, and if we find out you are in the same group as that white we will make trouble.

So there we have it proof they wanted 10 000 extra for the colour of my skin. It is so annoying getting charged whiteman prices all the time but this is just blatant. As long as Quenter was not in a group with this white man it is OK for her to pay 5 000!

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Mum said...

The irony is that you are trying to help them!