Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving on

So it is all done and packed and tomorrow we move house. I have spent the last week wrestling with boxes trying to get all our stuff packed. 'We don't have much, most of it is still packed from going to Cameroon' I said, oh boy we have so much stuff it is unreal. A car full goes of to the tip courtesy of Joe parents (thanks) and that is a mere drop in the ocean of stuff that we have. How did we ever collect so much stuff, it is amazing and we still have stuff at my parents house to collect after the move - eek! Well tomorrow it will all go in one lorry (I hope) ready to move in to our new house.

I think we have never truly settled in to this house since our return as we knew we would be moving. We have a saying that has come quite common 'in the new house we will................' I wonder how many of those things we will do. I plan to grow vegetables in my new green house which I really hope I fulfil.

Once we have moved we will finally feel ready to open all those boxes from the loft and parents houses to unearth just how much junk we have. Everything mush have a place to live or be trown away - lets see how that goes! Off to Ikea to get more storage stuff me thinks.

Moving is not much fun, we accepted our offer on November and it feels like forever ago. With only two houses in the chain we thought it would be pretty quick but never mind we are almost there. By tomorrow evening I will be a very happy bunny and a celebratory pub dinner is in order I think, especially as we will have no oven we dong have much choice.

We have the rest of our lives to unpack!

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