Friday, March 07, 2008

Remembering Cameroon

Recently I have been thinking a lot about Cameroon. I often think about Cameroon but recently even more so. The weather is cold and miserable now, in Cameroon it is the peak of the dry season and everyday would be glorious. Genesis and Marceline have just had their second baby (although not actually in Cameroon). Many thoughts have been brought on by Bills return to Cameroon following an unplanned visit to the states. Email conversations as he prepared to return and then when he saw all his friends again. Our friend Didimus has been in hospital following a car accident. All these things makes me wish I too was in Cameroon. Here is a video Bill found based in Buea and in Buea town market. Seeing sights I saw everyday, hearing the voices of the local people, seeing the produce in the market, things that were so familiar and now seam so foreign.

However in recent weeks I have been worried for Cameroon and glad I home in a safe country. The nation has been a nation of riots. Increasing fuel prices started the riots but soon this just became the ignition as the focus turned political as the President wanted to change the constitution so he could try to remain in power. Our peace corp friends were getting ready to be pulled out of the country, are Cameroonian friends had no such luxury and just hid in their homes waiting and hoping it will pass. Running out of food as there was no movement on the roads.

Thankfully it looks like things are settling down and the rioting has ceased but things are not yet completely normal. My heart goes out to Cameroon. I remember you fondly and hope you remain the stable peaceful country I spent a year in.

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