Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweet like Chocolate

For Christmas I bought my Mum and Chocolate making experience for 2 and being the cheeky daughter I am invited myself along to make up the 2! We spent the day shopping in Oxford Street before arriving at My Chocolate to start the experience. We were taken in to great kitchen surrounded with chocolate and offered tea or coffee where our Chocolatier introduced some chocolate tasters for us to sample and explained to us the history of chocolate. Then he set about showing us hot to make vanilla cream truffles, dark chocolate caramel fudge, nut brittle and Gianduja.

After this the fun began and we moved in to the cut and dipping room. Here we had a slab of fudge, a slap of Gianduja, some nut brittle, some truffles and some bowls of melted chocolate and various bits to decorate with. And we set about cutting, dipping and decorating our chocolate. We both had great fun getting covered in chocolate and trying really hard not to lick our fingers.

I am not very artistic so my chocolates ended up looking like a mess of chocolate but some people around the table were very talented making very professional looking chocolates. We then got to bag and box up our chocolates and tie ribbons around them and bring them home.

I was very pleased to be able to bring some chocolate to reward my Dad who had spend the whole day obliterating the orange paint in the dining room - thank you so much Dad.

So now I have a rather delicious set of chocolates in the fridge even if they do look rather messy they taste gooooooood!


dad said...

Thanks for my chocolates. I can vouch for the good taste.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record I had a great day and am still enjoying it because I am eating the fruits of my labour.

Thanks Hev.

Love, Mum.