Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas on the beach

We were not convinced Christmas would be much fun this year, but it turned out to be a rather nice day. We saw Marceline and Naomi in the morning and gave them our presents, Naomi was of course more interested in the wrapping paper! Marceline had a Santa hat which looked so cute on Naomi. After heading to the office to make calls to our family we started planning our trip to the beach. We had mentioned our plans to Didimus and Sylvester the night before so they said they would come with us. This worried us that it may mean we do not leave until late in to the afternoon. After a bit of persuading we decided to leave there and then. We visited Sylvester's family on the way. His father-in-law who is a carpenter gave us each a wooden keyring which was lovely. We then continued on to the hotel and beach. It was packed, but we expected it to be. Had to wait a while for our room so had some lunch. Unfortunately they only had buffet lunch which cost a little more than we would have liked to spend. The tide was out so there was some beach, with people playing football, we sat on the wall and chatted with Didimus and Sylvester 'till it was time for them to leave. Then we went for a swim in the sea, it was actually pretty warm. Buffet dinner in the evening also. No turkey - gutted but some nice chicken, pork and fish. The best bit was the chocolate log for desert.

Boxing day was great, we spent the whole day on the beach it was really sunny (Christmas day was a little cloudy). We topped up our tans went swimming in the cool spring water from the mountain and in the sea (which felt like having a bath in comparison to the spring water!). We had a very relaxing couple of days, hope you all enjoyed your Christmases.


Ann said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas!

alison said...

Christmas on the beach sounds very pleasant and relaxing.