Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Almost there.....

There has been a lack of posts recently but I shall not apologise because I have been too busy to write and I see that as a good thing! As I said most of last week I was in the prison each day teaching the wardens. The rest of last week was spent painting, Didimus and myself spent all day each day painting in the health centre. I wanted to help as much as possible to try and save money as this renovation is costing us dearly, especially when you give a plumber 16 000 to go any buy parts and you never see him again. Didimus had to help me as a) I am not too skilled with a roller brush and b) I would have no idea how to mix the paint.

We bought a huge bucket (20kgs) of white paint we then choose the colour. There is a choice of about 5 colours - all end up looking pastel. We choose to paint in the same colour as previous so buy some blue and green. The colour is then mixed with the white until you get the shade you require, this means once all the paint is used it is almost impossible to get the exact same shade again.

We then set about painting, we have finished three rooms and just have the one left. We have run out of paint and have to wait for the builders to continue. The builders have so far piled up a load of soil in front of the entrance, making getting in and out pretty difficult. The builders have also scarpered after doing one days work.

This week I am running another HIV seminar, the room we are based in is now a lovely shade of green but the outside needs a little more improvement.

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Mum said...

You have done well. I remember that the place just looked like a wooden shack when we saw it. Not unusual of course.