Thursday, March 08, 2007

International Woman's Day

Today is International Woman's day - I did not know it existed either! Woman's day is celebrated in many countries around the world and is like Valentines day and Mother's day rolled in to one.

I went to the celebrations here in Buea, in good Cameroon style there was singing, dancing and of course speeches. Most women dress is woman's day dress so I bought my woman's day kabba (big dress). I decided to stroll up to Bongo Square , where the festivities take place. On the way I was greeted 'happy women's day' by everyone I passed. It makes a change to be referred to as a woman I am so used to hearing 'white man' shouted at me as I walk past. One hairdresser I passed was very excited to see me in my Woman's day dress, she called me over, we took some photos and she dashed me a necklace.

When I arrived at Bongo Square it was full of people dressed in Woman's day dress. There were 100's of women, a friend of Marceline's saw me so I joined there group FOCWED (Forum of Christian Women Enterprise and Development). Once the Governor of the South West arrived the program began, there was of course singing and dancing and as there is with every Cameroonian event speeches.

Following this there was the march past, each woman's group marches past the grand stand. So I joined in with this groups that had adopted me, they could not make up their mind about where I would stand. Firstly they wanted me at the front holding a placard, but you would have seen my bra under my raised arms so that was no good, next I was to be on the outer side of the women marching, but I did not have black shoes on so could not do that either. I opted for going in the middle. We went in colour order according to our dress, pink first (that was me) then orange and green last. It was fun, I had to ensure I kept in line or I got told off! There were so many women to march we went near the beginning so then I could watch the others.

The only downer of the day was that I had my phone nicked while I was watching the marching. Very annoying, I went to the MTN centre and got a new SIM which cost 5000 francs but was then given 5000 francs credit, so that was nice. Now all I need is to get my vodaphone phone unlocked so I can use my MTN SIM. I spoke to a very nice man in the MTN service centre who was very helpful which was nice.

So to all you women out there - Happy Women's Day!


Mum said...

Sound's like you had a good time.
Enjoyed looking at the photo's

Julius said...

Its a shame your phone was stolen. Good to see you joining in the celebrations.

alison said...

No "Woman's Day in England? Perhaps you should introduce it when you get home Heather?