Friday, March 16, 2007

And she's off

For about a month now we have been trying to get Naomi to crawl (or creep as they say here). She has not quite got the hang of it yet, we have been putting her toy just out of her reach in the hope she will crawl there. She is pretty good at reaching and keeping herself balanced but cannot tuck her legs under to crawl. The tiled floors do not help as she often ends up stuck on her belly.

About a week ago Genesis was in Douala and bought Naomi a present, a baby walker. She was not convinced at first but is not whizzing around the place on her wheels. At first it had musical buttons on it too but thankfully unfortunately the batteries have run out already. So she will be up walking at no time, which means we need to child proof the house. Things like ensuring the electrical sockets are actually attached to the wall rather than hanging off, putting doors on the kitchen cupboards etc.

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Mum said...

Oh! She looks sooo sweet.