Monday, March 12, 2007

Phew - it did not last

OK so I went a bit over the top - on Friday it poured with rain all day, I was convinced that was it not more sun the rainy season had arrived. However on Saturday we had brilliant sunshine, the weather was beautiful, which was great as we had planned a day on the beach. We had a great day - topped up our tans and enjoyed a magnificent sunset. I had thought it just rained in Buea, however talking to Bill who had communicated with fellow US volunteers it had rained in many places.

So as it was just one days rain (well and a little on Sunday evening) I will say it was a relief to have it. The rain settled the dust that has been chocking up our lungs for weeks. The word dust has a whole new meaning to me now, it is no longer stuff that collects around the house that needs cleaning, this is dust from the untarred roads and fields. As the cars pass the scatter the dust every where. You cannot ride with the windows down along a dusty road as you cannot breath, the trees are red instead of green due to the dust. After a long hot journey my clothes are red with dust, my feet are constantly dirty with dust - I doubt they will ever be clean again.

So rain is not totally a bad thing, the dust has cleared a little, the air is fresher but I would be happy with a few more weeks sunshine, especially on Saturdays. Soon however the rain will come and it will rain everyday, we will miss the worst of it and be enjoying an English summer but the rain will come, the dust will go and the mud will take over.


Mum said...

Don't worry about getting clean again Heather. I have loads of HOT WATER and soup to welcome you home again.

Mum said...

Sorry I meant soap but soup too if you want it!

Hev said...

Soap, soup I'll have both - espcailly if it is a nice brocoli and stilton soup - mmmmmmm cheese. Although I would rather wash with the soap and eat the soup, visa versa may be a bit nasty.