Thursday, March 01, 2007

In the prision

For the last three days I have been going to the prison each day. I was able to organise doing my HIV educators' seminar for the prison wardens. It has taken a while to organise and has now finally taken place. The opportunity came about when a warden who uses the Internet at HINT participated in the first course I did, afterwards he spoke to me about doing a session in the prison. So off I went to meet the 'big man' and discuss it. I of course should have taken a stamped piece of paper with me to show which NGO I was from. However I did not have this, a week later I returned with said stamped letter and we began to organise the course.

It took about 4 visits up to the prison to finalise the date and time. We decided to hold the meeting in the barracks, prison staff are very wary of whites as so many just want to come and look at the prison and take photos, because of this I have no pictures to post as I wanted to respect their wishes.

I had a lively group of 14, I had some good questions and discussions with them. Some very in depth conversations about the ABC of abstinence, being faithful and condoms. I really enjoyed some of the discussions we had like 'what do you advice to a Fon (Chief) who has 62 wives and one is unfaithful?'

Each of my planning meetings I met with a superintendent of the prison, he organised things from their point of view. He told me during planning that the 'big man' should get a little extra for organising things. I was also told by a fellow warden at the end ' you must give the big man extra'. So to fulfil my keeping the big man happy duties and keep channels open with the prison I took him out for a drink and soya (beef) to thank him, at this he told me I was very wise oh and could he buy my UK phone off me when I leave. Now how much do I charge a Cameroonian (well paid Cameroonian who has free accommodation) for my 3 year old phone?


Clare said...

Start with white man prices and then enter a prolonged haggling session?

Mum said...

The U K is going to be so tame after all these experiences.