Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A baby is born

We knew that our hosts were expecting a baby in July. We did not expect it to be born on our first day there. On Sunday evening Marceline gave birth to Naomi. It was a home delivery thankfully I did not have to be involved as her sister was here to help who is a nursing assistant (who do most the work in these parts).

Joe and I were playing with Jeff (Genesis nephew who is 7) we were unaware that the birth was going on. We knew that Marceline had gone to rest. I thought I heard some screams above the sounds of the crickets but was not certain. Then a little later we discovered it was a girl. Later the Doctor came round to check everything was in order, which is was. Genesis kept popping our to buy various drugs. Its amazing he could at 9pm on a Sunday night!!

I had a cuddle a few hours later. Naomi is a very good baby. It does not really feel like we are living with a brand new baby!!

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