Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yipiee the beard has gone!!

As many of you know Joe has been growing a beard since January. It was not my favorite thing and after about a month I decided to stop nagging. I secretly hoped that the heat in Africa may be quite annoying and he would shave it off. I think we would have stood a better chance of that by staying in the UK as it is the middle of the rainy season and rains every day.

However I was sat pealing pumpkin seeds, a tedious and quite difficult job (but I like to try and be useful) with the girls outside in the dark. Then Joe appeared all clean shaven. Well almost he has a goatee, but I like that. The girls said his face is now shining!!


Josh and Heather said...

Can you believe we only just found your blog now? But anyway - we'll be checking everyday and wish you well. And you're right about the UK being hot. It's awful. What we'd give for a little rain right now!

Lewis Cleverley said...

Joe I am very disappointed in your lack of commitment to the beard.


Joseph said...

You can talk Lewis - quitter!

At least I still have a goatee,