Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Helps International

I thought I had better write a little about what we are actually up to. As we are here to do some good and not cuddle babies, although that bit is fun.

We are working for Helps International (HINT) pictured above. At the moment it is an small non-government organisation aimed at improving the social well being of the underprivileged. It is doing this by giving free computer teaching. The students only have to pay for their on-line time which is about 30p an hour. Here is a class in progress.

Joe is helping on the computer side of things. The teaching is pretty much up and running but there are other things to sort out. Improving the web site and setting it up for on-line donations. We are also investigating many other computer things that are a little over my head.

Another mission of HINT is health improvement. This is where I come in. I will be involved in sesitizes programs in the local villages teaching people about HIV/AIDS and how they are at risk and how to protect themselves. My work has not really got going much yet as there is a lot of ground work to do. Over the next few weeks I will be visiting other projects in the area to see what they are doing and visiting clinics and hospitals. Twice I have been asked to apper as a guest on a radio show and both times it has fellen though. Due to sudden changes in time tables and bad planning, well thats just life in Africa!!

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