Friday, July 28, 2006

Radio Show

Today I finally got to do my slot on the Radio. It had been cancelled twice due to reprogramming and people not turning up. We went with Elvis who is a student at the University of Buea studying journalism. Each morning during the holidays the students from his class run the live radio show as a form of work experience. Elvis' slot was a social forum titled 'HIV and AIDS a cry for all'. We both went along as special guests. We spoke about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS how and why many people in Africa do not believe in HIV and how to protect yourself. The slot was about 20 mins. I was feeling pretty nervous but soon settled in. Although hearing my own voice in the head set was a little weird.

After the slot we went in to the conference room when once the students broadcast is over it is discussed. The chief of programs was also present. This became a time for the students to ask us questions about HIV, its myths and HIV in the UK. Everybody appeared quite pleased with our performance so I was pretty chuffed. Mondays program was finalised with the chief of programs getting annoyed with people not giving any ideas.

Following the meeting we got called in to the chief's office, this concerned me slightly!! We had a chat about why we are here, what we are doing etc. Then out comes a tape recorder and we record another program for tomorrow. The discovery program where discoveries are made. This was a half hour recording, with technical hitches of course so we were in there for almost an hour. Talking about ourselves, our experiences of Cameroon and what we are doing.

We have been invited back to talk again. It is a great way to put the message through to people keep telling them about HIV over the radio. Giving advice and dispelling any myths.


Anonymous said...

my wife the radio star, well at least you don't have to spell anything...

Josh said...

I would have been so nervous... I'm self concious when I speak normally. Well done!