Monday, July 24, 2006

Footie Footie Footie

Joe loves to play football and Cameroonians love to play football so for the last two Sundays Joe has gone of with our neighbour to play. Yesterday I went with him. The pitch (if you can call it a pitch) was muddy at points and the other areas covers in long grass. It slopped and had wondering goats around the edges. That the trouble with playing football on the bottom of a mountain. The surroundings were beautiful which gave me something to look at the sun was even shining for a little while!! If you play spot the white person you may see Joe in one of the photos. We are a novelty here so far we have only seen two other white people.

It was quite an orginised game had a ref and everything The score was 2:1 to Joes team but the match was abandoned to a supposed penalty which was not given. The problem being there is no markings so who know weather the alleged hand ball was in the area or not. The opposing team got in a strop and the game ended!!

Oh well maybe it will be a full game next week. I get the feeling Joe will be playing footi every Sunday afternoon.


Rich said...

How do you tell which team is which? Is Joe going to become the next Camerooney?

Hev said...

I think it was red shirts verses all the other colours but am not really sure. Joe got confused by the ref wearing green.