Friday, July 28, 2006

We have finally seen it!!

We were aware that we lived on the foothills of Mount Cameroon. This makes the weather a bit more bearable (especially in the dry season). We had not seen it though. We were not really sure how big or close it was. The family told us you could see it from the living room window but it is always too cloudy/misty. Then yesterday the sun was shining and the rain stopped. I am told this is due to an African tradition. A prominent figure in the town had died. A doctor who founded one of the hospitals. The rain stopped so he could be laid to rest peacefully.

Anyway we just enjoyed the nice weather it is really pleasant here when the sun shines. Everything is nice and green and beautiful (and less muddy). The sky was a almost clear and we got a good view of Mount Cameroon, well some of it. Have not seen the top yet. Doubt we will until the dry season. This photo is taken from the back of our compound and would be the view from where we eat. Its massive. The roof is our neighbour's house. We are looking forward to climbing it, in the dry season (we will be doing everything in the dry season!!) I will aslo post some better photos when we get better views.

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