Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hanging around

We are currently spending a week with may parents then on Friday we move to Watchfield to be with Joe's parents. It has been pretty busy, lots of people want to talk to us and catch up with us which is great but pretty tiring.

Over the weekend we have managed to fit in two of Joe's greatest friends - which is funny as we are in my home town. So Sunday we went to a medieval fair to see James and Sonia who were working there doing puppetry with their company Theatre of the Small. It felt like going from one end of the scale to the other, Cameroon to medieval England! We wondered round and watched the puppet show then enjoyed a beer together.

Monday we went to Aldebrough, a lovely seaside town up the coast from my parents. It was a cold day but we sat of the beach. Bill here is a picture of an English shingle beach for you - not quite Batoke! We then shared a delicious meal with Devi and Chris. Each meal is like an adventure at the moment eating is even more fun that usual.

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Ann said...

Is it ever warm in Aldeburgh?? It always seemed gray & cold!