Friday, June 29, 2007

Life as a nomad

We are currently living as nomads, I worked out over the space of a month I would be sleeping in 10 different places. moving round trying to see everyone filling in time before we get our house back on the 7th July. Living out of a suitcase is not easy and trying to remember where we out everything before we left - Joe cannot find his battle of the planets t-shirt and is gutted.

Soon however we have the mammoth task of driving around the country collecting our stuff from various family members - thanks guys and trying to unpack our house. It has been tough feeling we do not belong anywhere and cannot completely settle, I look forward to relaxing again in our own house. but it will not be for long we hope to sell up and move away from the chaves. We would love our Cameroonian neighbours to come and live next to us as apposed to the noisy neighbours we have now - but we cannot have everything.

We have pretty much settled in to life in the UK, it was not too hard. starting work on Monday will be strange but i am looking forward to it, getting my teeth in to some acute nursing will be fun!

Have more photos and stuff to post but will wait till we are set up at home with broadband again - any suggestions of a good provider?

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