Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Many people have said to us return culture shock is one of the hardest things about living away from home. I however do not really feel I have experienced this. Coming home everything is as I remembered it. I can remember what Ipswich town centre is like and do not feel out of place being there. I remember that there are tons of clothes shops with loads of clothes and do not feel shocked about it.

Maybe we were not away for long enough or maybe I am just shallow but so for I do not really think I have experienced a culture shock. Yes it is very clean and there is so much to choose from which is difficult but not shocking.

Maybe it will hit us more when we return to our own house or work. currently we feel like we are on holiday going here and there dossing around at my parents. Maybe once we start work it will hit us. I think however you adapt pretty quickly to whatever surrounding you.

so here we are in the UK and in some ways it feels like we never left. Although choosing a new phone was difficult as there were just so many to choose from. And when looking in the clothes shops I had no idea what to like!

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Ann said...

I think the extent of a culture shock depends, at least in part, upon the depth & length of the immersion in the "foreign" culture. I experienced some strange sensations upon arriving back in the USA after over 6 years away-- but our children felt it (shock) very acutely. Six years was a huge chunk of their lives! The younger two, especially, had hardly any memories of living in the states.