Sunday, June 03, 2007

Send off

This week has been busy. I collected Helen from the aiport after a six hour delay as her plane got struck by lightening, don't worry she was fine at said it was very pink.

We then had a few days of showing her around Buea and explaining the work. I have not pretty much handed over so am just tying up the loose ends.

We have had a week of parties. Wednesday was our send off at the house. There were speeches, ours were short and the Cameroonians were far to long. We were presented with a matching outfit as out gift. Unfortunately I have just managed to delete all my photos off my camera so I have no to show you - grrrrr, very annoyed.

Friday night was our whiteman send off along with Jerry a Peace Corp who flies the day after us. We went out to a local bar had fish then went to the French Cultural centre where there was a band playing. We had Tata Kingue with us (the local pop star) so he was asked to sing and we all had a great time dancing (again no photos lost them all, I am sooooo annoyed!). Helen has kindly given me her photos so here is us having a bogie with Tata Kingue himself.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,

Love the photo! It sounds like the party was a blast. Keep in touch and have a safe flight home. Cameroon just won't be the same with out you!

Take care,

Sarah Trice