Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Will life be boring back home?

So tomorrow we go home, I cannot believe it after almost 11 months in Cameroon it is time to return - eek! This will be the last blog entry I write from Cameroon as we are very busy over the next two days. I have spent lots of time with Helen handing everything over. This evening I complete my final HIV educators' course. Tomorrow we still need to pack - there is nothing like being organised. Then we leave tomorrow evening and take an overnight flight to Brussels.

Life remains interesting right to the end of our stay, this afternoon we are appearing in Tata Kingue's music video. Not sure if it will happen or not but its all fun! Life will apper boring once we are home!

So we have a couple days more of goodbyes and then we are off. Saying goodbye is hard, when we left the UK we knew we were coming back and would see everyone again no we do not know if we will ever see these people again it makes it very difficult. These people have been our friends and 'family' for almost a year and now it is goodbye.

I have very mixed feelings about going home. There is so much I am looking forward to but so much from here I will miss. I have recently been feeling work is progressing well so it is hard to leave it. I know it will be in good hands with Helen but I feel I am leaving just as everything is established.

When we came here we did not really know what to expect, what it would look like, smell like, feel like etc. Going home we know what to expect so my feelings are very different. Coming here was exciting going home is also exciting but in a different way. It does not feel like an adventure this time but there is plently things to look forward to.

Life is all about new beginnings coming here was one so going home will be too. I look forward to what it will bring but I am sure life will not be quite as interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home Hev!

It'll be a shock to you after living in Africa.

Enjoy your four cheese pizzas!

Samantha x