Saturday, June 09, 2007

We are home!!

Well are trip home went so well. We were so worried we had a suitcase full of masks and were sure we would be over weight and get mega hassle at the airport explaining my pacemaker and the flight would be late etc. etc. Oh there was so much to worry about. It all went very well, check in was easy, we paid 5000 francs (£5) for our masks at customs. The airport staff have to be the friendliest I have ever met and were so helpful. Once I managed to explain my pacemaker (Don't think they get many through Douala) there was no problem, in fact they did not even do a hand check at either of the two check points - naughty. The flight was on time and we even arrived early! We did get our water taken away at the gate once we were unable to buy any more air side which was a little annoying.

the plane food had to be the best I have had, situational rather than tasted I think, anything would have tasted good - we got cheese!! Did not sleep much so were very tired.

We then had our day in Brussels apart from really tired we had a great day. It is a beautiful city, apart from the fact it took 1 1/2 hours to get breakfast as everywhere opened at 10! We had waffles and beer and of course and ham and cheese toasted sandwich. We visited the comic museum and got back to the airport in time for our flight. Our final flight was great it was a business class only flight - not sure why we were on it! It arrived on time and we were out the airport within 15 minutes with all 4 of our bags.


Bill Zimmerman said...

Glad to hear you guys (and all your schwag) made it home OK. Man, that city looks clean. Waffles, cheese and ham? Sounds better than the Tartina spread and stale Kumba bread I had for breakfast. Life goes on in Cameroon, although it is a far less interesting place without the Talbots.

KT Lindsay said...

Welcome Home!!! X X X