Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bon House

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On Saturday we were invited to a Bon House. This is a party to celebrate the birth of a new baby. The party was at Ivo's house, he is the bar owner of Figaro's which is the bar Joe's football club is linked with.

We were running a little late due to the fact we had to pick up Joe's new suit from the tailors. They told us it would be ready at 5. So like good English people we arrived a 5 on the dot. The tailor looked at his watch and laughed. They were still finishing the suit. Sewing on the buttons and making the button holes etc. They finished about 6:30 and the suit looked rather dashing.

So we were supposed to be meeting at Figaro at 6, we got there at 7. Met a few of the football guys, Ransom, Willy and loads others I cannot remember the name of. They told us we would head to the party about 8, so we went at 9. We are still getting used to Africa time. Ivo's house was behind the bar, we figured it would be just behind but oh no. We had to jump in to Ransom's car and drive up a rocky road to the middle of nowhere.

We went in to met the baby, Ivo Junior. He was so cute. We then had a few drinks and some food. It was a great evening. I spent a large proportion of the evening taking photos of cute kids and groups of kids as they all shout 'snap me, snap me' at me.

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