Tuesday, November 07, 2006

parlez vous français?


Today I started and dropped French lessons. I do not usually give up on things that quickly. The majority of Cameroon is French speaking, just 2 of the 10 provinces are English speaking. So I thought while I was here I would brush up on my french skills. Before we came Joe's dad kindly lent me (well I sort of kept it) an instant french CD. I was getting on quite well but was terrible at keeping it up. I thought attending lessons would be stricter.

So last week I went for a placement test to see which group I was suited too. I got a shocking 11 out of 50. So I was put in the elementary class.

Today I attended. The lesson was 8-10 am. So I was up early and arrived on time - just. However the teacher was 45 mins late - why do I rush?!

The lesson started and I did not understand a word. If this is elementary I dread to think what intermediate or advanced is like. They were waffling on about verb endings and tenses. I did not even know what the words were let alone the tense.

After the lesson they decided I would be better in the lower class. That lesson is 10-12 which will interrupt with my work at HINT too much. So I decided to not bother attending. Oh well I tried. Back to the CD.


Josh said...

c'est dommage...

Ann said...

Bummer. (that's American for "too bad.")