Thursday, November 23, 2006

They have arrived!!

Well on Monday evening Mum and Dad arrived. I thought I was not going to make it to the airport on time as a lorry was on its side on the only bridge in to Douala. However, after walking about 2 miles to get though the traffic to meet our car we made it - just in time.

We spent Tuesday in Buea, seeing what few unexciting sights there are. We visited a school which they enjoyed. Yesterday we went to chutes d'Ekom. These are some amazing water falls. A little further away than I anticipated and down a terrible track road. They were amazing once we got there though. The scenery and the falls were all amazing. And I think worth the travel.

First impressions are from Mum that it is hot and poor and from Dad that they drive too fast. He thought 4 times yesterday his life was going to end and that was a good driver. Otherwise we are all having a great time.


Ann said...

Today is Thanksgiving, so I'm especially thankful that the Talbots & Astburys are safely (?) together & having fun. As they say in Texas, drive friendly!

Dad said...

The drivers are not just fast but reckless, overtaking when someone comes the other way, changing lanes without looking, especially pulling away from the curb.

I am surprised that I am still in this world.