Saturday, November 25, 2006

Up and up we go

From Cameroon - Mo...

Today me and Mum and Dad went up Mount Cameroon. Joe did not come as he has a stinky cold and did not want to exacerbate it. We had an early start so you can start climbing before it gets too hot. Although by 8.00 I was really hot and felt the sweatiest I had ever been (nice!). We went very perpared, 1.5 litres of water each, plenty of food, sturdy shoes etc. Our guide turns up in his flip flops and no water or food. I have no idea how he managed to climb like that. I was very glad to have my water, food and boots. I suppose he does it everyday so its just a stroll in the park for him.

It was hard work, always climbing, climbing, climbing. There was a practice race in preparation for the Mount Cameroon race in February. Which was great as we got lots of little breaks while letting them pass. The terrain was pretty rough in places and we had to be careful especially coming down, it was really slippy in places.

We reached hut one in about 3 hours. The route up the mountain has three huts for resting and sleeping in. Built by the Germans in the 70's. For a one day trek it is common to go as far as hut one. We felt like we could go a little further once we arrived so asked the guide to take us up to the Savannah. This is where the rain forest ends and the grass begins. It gets colder and there is little animal life. We trekked for another 1/2 hour and reached the Savannah.

We were so glad we asked to go a little further as it beautiful, a complete change in foliage and fantastic views. It was pretty misty so we could not see much higher. This was the point that we turned round and headed back. The descent only took 2 hours, our guide was worried it was about to start raining, although it did not. I was amazed none of us turned our ankles on the way down it was tough going. I received a leki pole from Joe's Mum and Dad for my birthday. I tell you it was worth its weight in gold. We more than that as it does not weigh very much. Mum and Dad had to hire wooden poles for the day but I was so glad to have my Leki pole and from now on will never be with out it. I cannot decide weather it helped more for the assent or descent. Having something extra to hold on to and push up on was great.

Joe and I plan to go to the summit at some point, this will involve camping in one of the huts. It was great to get a taster and I look forward to going further.

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Ann said...

Congratulations to all on a successful climb! I'm sympathetic with Joe-- I, too, have a "stinky cold."