Friday, November 10, 2006

Why can people in Oxford not drive?

Just about every day I read the BBC news web site. I start with the World pages, then England, then Oxford. We have noticed a few trends in the Oxford news. One is lots of stabbings. Unsurprisingly in the Blackbird Leas area. The other trend is road traffic accidents.

Almost everyday when I load the page there is a story about a road traffic accident, an inquest in to a road traffic accident or a funeral for someone who has died in a road traffic accident.

I think the number of road deaths in Oxfordshire for the year stands at 57. That's 13 more than last year and we still have the Christmas drink driving season to get through.

This week we had a bit of a scare when we saw a story about a fatal crash killing a woman in a red polo just near Bicester. I have a friend who lives in Bicester and drives a red polo. The mind goes on over drive. The accident was at 8:10 am. She finishes nights at 8 am so it was possible she was on her way home from work.

We kept going over arguments for and against. The news had not released a name so we had no way of knowing. Just waiting to hear from her or from a friend. I decided to stop thinking about it.

Then today she sends me an instant message and we have a conversation - she is not dead. That's a real relief. Its a very strange feeling thinking one of your friends could be dead with out having any real evidence.

So we are very happy she is fine and well. However our feelings go out to the family and friends of the woman in the red polo.

Driving is dangerous here but at the moment it seems just as bad in Oxford. I just hope over Christmas they take the advice we saw one day. 'Drink Tea and Drive'


dad said...

'Drink Tea and Drive'.
That is a typically English solution to the problem.

rich said...

Oh dear, I drive from the very top to the very bottom of Oxfordshire every working day. Fortunately I've normally had a few pints of tea before getting in the car.

Mum said...

why did Rich and Hev ,when children scoff at me for drinking tea?

Ann said...

Mother ALWAYS knows best...(I'm sure my children would agree).

Hev said...

I am sure we do not drink as much tea as you did....Caffine addict

Bets said...

I don't know about that "mother ALWAYS knows best" comment from my mom.

Helen S said...

I spoke to the cops today re a patient's accident on 29/11 and there were 333 'incidents' on the A34 alone that day!!